Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday sketching

Today I sat right behind Judy, who had her hair in a french braid.  I didn't have my sketchbook or pencils so used ink on the bulletin. 

In other news, my husband and I just stepped into the 21st century and bought ourselves I-Phones.  Up until now we have had basic flip phones that were ONLY phones, no picture taking, no texting (without great difficulty), no internet, videos, no nothing.  So it is quite a learning curve for us.  Our son and daughter-in-law came over to give us basic instructions.  Whew!  My head feels overwhelmed with information!  Look out - I may be uploading to my blog from my new I-Phone in short order.......ha ha ha.  I bet it will take me awhile!


marianne said...

wow such a great sketch!
Congrats on the I phone.....Soon you will be hooked ;)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lucky you to get an Iphone. I wish I could afford one. I love your sketch. I always wished that I could do this to my hair, back when I had long hair. I could never make it look nice.

Marj said...

Always like your "Sunday Sketching" and wish you would post it on DRAWINGINCHURCH. The details are so there! Been missing you on DIC Blog :-) Marj.

A Lady's Life said...

love the French braid
The iphone took so many jobs away. You don't need anything anymore other than the phone lol

Kellie said...

Nice looking braid, wish mine could look so good lol

Good luck w/the Iphone! I've still got a flip phone.