Friday, September 9, 2011

The end of work as I know it

Today is my payroll clerk's final day at our job. I have worked 11 years with her and she is the most dependable, accurate, conscientious payroll clerk in the world. She accepted another job in another department, PROMPTED by the Finance Dept announcement that they are planning to cut her position which happened while I was on vacation.

They have since rescinded their dire prediction of cutting this position, but then stated "they intend to review it at a later date" which sounds suspiciously like "we are still cutting the job, but we need you to help us transfer over to the new electronic time-keeping system first".

I've been given permission to find a replacement but have been told that there is the possibility the position will still be cut. I asked if they could guarantee a year? "No." Can you guarantee the position will be in place for 6 months? "I wouldn't count on it." So how do I hire somebody KNOWING that the position will be cut? I have decided I will be honest and make sure all applicants know it is not a permanent position but it still leaves me feeling bad about the situation and wondering who will even be interested in learning a new job only to lose it?

The alternative is I can just take on double duty for the next 6 months to a year or whenever. Monday starts a new phase in my life at work. I'm feeling a wee bit pessimistic.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What are they thinking? You need a payroll clerk. Geez. It sounds like poor management to me. Good luck.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well some one might just be glad to have a temp job. OR any job for that matter no matter how long it is. I hope it works out for you.

A Lady's Life said...

jobs are slowly being eradicated by computers
Serious problem for people

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Patty, I have so been there. It seems that work will always one place where we have no control over the decisions being made.

My heart goes ot to those who have no balance in their lives because oftentimes work can completely drain us and if we didn't have friends and family to bring balance into our lives, we would feel hopeless.

I'm so grateful to God that even when we don't understand certain things, He is someone we can always count on.

I'll pray that you won't have to carry the burden of double duty.

Love and hugs.

BTW, I turned my FSB blog into a book w/compliments of Google. Our picture from the airport is in there and it was so cool to see. Also the photos of the cards you made that I won.

If you're interested in a blog book, see my latest post.

Love ya!

Mim said...

DONT do double duty without double pay. You'll never get out from under if that happens! YIKES!!!!! I'd tell people it was probably a temp job and leave it at that.

studio lolo said...

i agree with Mim! Why should the company save money with your sweat and stress??? No way Patty. Don't do it. Be honest with the applicants and say it's a short term position.

Jeeprs. What are they thinking?

Caroline said...

I totally agree with Mim and Laurel! I'm sure you have enough on your own plate!

crochet lady said...

Changes at work are always difficult. Best of luck Patty.