Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Sketching

I had another migraine today and arrived a little late to church. My normal seat was taken! Fancy that! Someone stole my seat at church...who would have thunk it?

I sketched a visitor, please don't judge her on her appearance....that may be my fault. I had a hard time drawing her and I'm afraid it's not very flattering. She really looked much better than I sketched! This is one of the dangers of sketching people; if she found out how poorly I had sketched her she could be very offended. I would hate to hurt someone's feelings due to my lack of drawing abilities. Better to keep it secret!


A Lady's Life said...

Well she looks very contemplative and it really is the moment that you caught moreso than the person . So it should be ok.She is way deep in thought.

studio lolo said...

I completely agree with the above :)

I really need practice drawing people. I was pretty fait at one time, but honestly it's something that has to be worked at constantly. Who has time?

I hope the headache is long gone.♥