Friday, June 10, 2011

Spring babies

Yesterday was a good day at work for viewing wildlife! The goslings hatched in the parking lot and then a moose and her calf were outside my window. I spent a little time not working but instead taking pictures of our animals.

I've been super busy lately and not on the computer much. Hopefully after this weekend my life will get back into a normal pattern. I've missed seeing what you all are up to and what beautiful art you are making!


Teri C said...

Those babies are so adorable. I'm happy you took the time so we could enjoy them also.
Have a great weekend.

A Lady's Life said...

SOOOOO cute!
What a lovely srping for you :)

Kellie said...

AAh spring time in AK! A marvelous time :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I dont know what is more adorable. the goslings or the baby moose. Sweeeeet. I LOVE Spring.

studio lolo said...

Oh goodness, this is over the top on the cuteness meter!
I'm glad you took a few moments to take it all in. Thanks for sharing!