Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Sketching

I had a migraine this morning but went to church anyways. I didn't take my sketching materials....instead I kind of slept through the first quarter of the sermon. After taking my medication I always get sleepy and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I woke myself with a little snort and then forced myself to stay awake through the rest of the service. I took a nice 2-hour nap this afternoon and feel much better.

I drew this picture last week of a young lady named Tami and her newborn baby, Lillyann.


Teri C said...

That little head in here makes an awesome composition!
Hope you are much better today. I rarely even get a headache so can't even imagine how awful those migraines must be.

A Lady's Life said...

You did a very good job.
After our outing I came home and also fell asleep right away. The fresh air did me good.:)

crochet lady said...

I took a long nap Sunday too. Sometimes I feel better after a nap and sometimes I feel worse. Glad you're headache was better after a snooze.