Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cabin - Part 3

The highlight of this trip for me was a pair of swans who landed on our lake. I kept my distance at first, not wanting to scare them, but then kept walking closer taking more pictures and they came closer to me too, acting curious about me.HONK!
Taz was afraid of the stairs on our porch and inside the cabin. She kept leaping up and down off the porch the first day but finally got used to them. Here she is leaping down, right next to the stairs.Here are both dogs waiting to go down the stairs. Taz is scared but will follow me, Roxy is just confused because I'm standing at the top and didn't go down. She had already gone down and then came back up to see what was taking so long. By day 2 Taz could go up and down all by herself.Here's my upstairs bedroom. I love going to the cabin and actually sleeping in a real bed! I used to tent camp all the time, and a bed is so much better than the ground!
This is downstairs, one from the door looking in - the stairs starts in the corner. The other is from that corner looking back at the door. You can see my kitchen and 3-burner propane stovetop.Someone asked what time the sun sets in AK right now. I took this picture at 10:15 pm and the sun is still above the horizon. I checked our weather channel, the sun officially sets at 11:41 pm today and will rise at 4:25 am tomorrow. But it's still light since it's just barely over the horizon.
I have a few more pics to show and will do so tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying the trip to the cabin with me!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your bedroom looks comfy and cozy. I could definitely spend some time there. :) The dogs do keep one entertained don't they.

studio lolo said...

Silly dog!! Emma wouldn't do the stairs in our house for the first 2 days. Huge staircases at both ends of the house...but she aced it eventually and now rockets up and down!

The cabin looks wonderful, cozy.
I even love your porch view at night.

Margaret Ann said...

I always love when you share the treasures of your beautiful Alaska with us. how wonderful to have a getaway like this...:)I can not even begin to imagine the quietness and serenity of this place...Ahhhhh! :)

tainterturtles said...

Your cabin looks beautiful. I really like the quilt on your bed. Glad you enjoy your little escape.

Mim said...

I love seeing these pictures - I'm so nosy and love to see the insides of houses. And this remote cabin is just what I imagined it to be - warm and cozy and rustic and wonderful!

A Lady's Life said...

That looks like a great place.I guess if you installed some solar panels you could use it without worrying about electricity.