Monday, June 27, 2011

Cabin - Part 2

Here is our rustic and wild cabin....
And here is our new neighbors cabin, not nearly as rustic. The smaller one is his shed.

We went and visited our new neighbor Bill and discovered he is a really nice person. He just has a different idea of being in the wilderness than we do. His wife is a city girl and will not come to the cabin with him unless she has indoor plumbing and TV and internet, so he said don't be surprised when he installs a satellite dish.
We tried to teach Taz to swim. She's a little unsure of the water, but loved going for a boat ride.
Tim dumped her out of the boat and she swam to shore, splashing wildly as she swam. I was laughing so hard I almost forgot to take a picture. She wasn't frightened because when she got to shore, she shook herself and immediately jumped back in the boat with the man who threw her over. He dumped her in again and she swam to shore again.
Roxy doesn't like swimming at all, but she was sad when Sweetie left her on shore so she swam out to the boat to be with him.
The dogs really enjoy getting out to the woods. They also enjoy eating grass, wood chunks, and slime from the lake. Both of them upchucked in the cabin in the wee hours of the morning. Why do dogs have to do that?


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

How fun. I am afraid I would be like the other neighbors wife tho. not that into roughing it much. :) I love the dogs in the boat and how Roxy swam out to be with her Daddy. How sweet. We put our dog, when I was a kid, in the water once to make it swim...after all it was a cocker spaniel. She did..but boy was she mad.. lol Our Dog now also HATES water and her mama was always in the water if she could be.

Anonymous said...

Can you see the neighbors from your place? or do you have some buffer? I hate to say, we also have a satellite dish at our cabin. My hubby will not read, and we love to watch hockey, so we did it. We dont have indoor plumbing, so we still "rough it". :-)
we are heading up for the long weekend, so looking forward to that!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Luna does this too. It does make one wonder why. She had never been around water, that I knew of, when we got her. So when we took her to a lake where we were bird watching I didn't think I would have to hold onto her leash. Ha.. She jumped right in and started to swim. I don't think she knew where she was going but she likes the water. I would love your cabin. I do like a solid roof and floors around me at night but I don't have to have many more ammenities. I even enjoy seeing your photos of roughing it.

kimmie said...

I love your cabin!! And you actually probably have less work to do than e lady next door - she has laundry and dishes and stuff like that to do :)

It looks like great getaway place! Hope you get to go out many times this summer!!!

Hugs, Kimmie

marianne said...

Fun pictures Patty!
Looks great out there. How sweet roxy jumped in to swim to the boat to be with your husband while she doesn't like swimming.
Taz will learn to enjoy it I think.

A Lady's Life said...

lol Dogs have the best fun in the country.
They can be a dog out there if its not too crowded that is.
And grass is for digestion so they need to throw it up.

Beau can't eat garlic.He immediately brings it back up.

studio lolo said...

Um, I definately would want indoor plumbing and hot showers ;)

I can do without TV but hubby couldn't/wouldn't for very long.

My ex-husband and I used to tent camp and I never did get used to it. The only thing I loved was being outdoors in beautiful places.

haha, Taz getting thrown in and getting right back on the boat! I can't swim and I was thrown in by meanies. It's different for people.

How sweet Roxy swam to her dad.