Monday, June 27, 2011

Cabin pics

We had a beautiful trip up to the cabin for the weekend. Friday was a glorious sunny day that got up to 72 degrees. It rained off and on most of Saturday, but I didn't care...I was indoors reading a book. We came back Sunday afternoon: tired and muddy, but glad to have been able to go for a few days.Usually we have two four-wheelers but one needs some work, so we didn't take it. We rode double on this one. The dogs rode in back in that kennel. We decided to train Taz to ride in the kennel so she doesn't even expect to get to sit in the backseat.
Sweetie unloading the four-wheeler. Usually there are a lot of trucks here, but I think most people are coming up next weekend, for the 4th of July. It was rather quiet this weekend.

This is the start of the trail. It has been fairly dry this year and the trail was in really good shape. I could have managed it myself without getting stuck. Some years it's terrible and we've gotten stuck several times. This is Taz' first trip out. She did great running along with us.
Roxy took up lead position. She always runs out front. Taz trotted along behind.

Our cabin is three miles in...this where we come off the main trail to the little trail that leads to our cabin. We put the sign up so others will know it's a private trail and not end up in our front yard when they are out sightseeing.Part of the trail goes along the side of the lake.
My view from the porch of my cabin. Isn't it beautiful?!!! I never get tired of sitting on the porch and enjoying the view.
From the edge of our property looking back at the cabin. It's so rustic, surrounded by greenery and wildlife and is our retreat from the city life of Anchorage. In sharp contrast to our new neighbor whose cabin is up.....he's got plans for TWO indoor bathrooms, satellite TV and cooks with a microwave. Hardly our idea of "roughing it" in the woods. I'll show more pics tomorrow.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your cabin looks heavenly. I too would appreciate the "roughing it" part of this area. TV in the outback. Why even go there. I might appreciate the bathrooms though. tee hee... I bet Taz got himself all worn out on this trip with all the new smells and sites to investigate.

Teri C said...

Gosh, what a beautiful place. Truly wilderness.

Lynn said...

Absolutely heavenly! Enjoy, enjoy...I love the photo with the reflection of the trees on water. LOVE IT.

A Lady's Life said...

I think the best way to go is solar and wind.
Electricity will soon be too expensive to support.

Kellie said...

Beautiful pictures Patty! Makes me just a wee bit homesick..

crochet lady said...

You've got a lovely spot there!

Mim said...

it's just all so gorgeous!

Rina said...

How beautiful all the scenery. everythings so green. Love your cabin, I 'd rather have yours than the fancy one nextdoor., How about a little peep inside.

studio lolo said...

OMG, that view!!! I'd admire it all day long too.

Any bears????

Margaret Ann said...

How lovely to have a little slice of wilderness heaven like this...I love virtually travelling along with you...:)