Saturday, October 9, 2010

Termination Dust

I've never really understood why we Alaskans call the first snow of the season Termination Dust, but we all do. I think it's the termination of summer and if we call it "dust" maybe it won't seem so much like snow. Then winter won't seem so imminent. Not sure if that theory holds water but it makes sense to me. In the summer lots of people (other people, not me) hike to the top of the flat mountain, appropriately named Flat Top. I've been to the top a few times in my younger years but haven't climbed it since probably 1983, the year I met my husband. We climbed it together with other friends; it was sort of a pre-date. He liked me, I liked him but we weren't dating yet.

I heard a radio ad yesterday for locally grown Foster Farm fresh chicken for sale at a local grocery store.....the nearest Foster Farm is in Fresno, CA which is a distance of 2,135 miles. That is similar to the distance from Fresno, Ca to Atlanta, GA. I question the use of the words "locally grown". I know the ad is for the whole chain of stores, but wouldn't it be wise to kind of slant one ad for Alaska so they don't look like fools? We often have commercials on TV for this or that but if you read the small print at the bottom it states, "prices not valid in Alaska or Hawaii". That chaps my hide. We've been a state for 50 years....someone needs to let the advertisers know. Now I'm on a roll....I also hate when the clothing stores start setting out their swim wear in February. February is our coldest month of the year. NO ONE is thinking of swimming unless they are 4 years old and don't know Goose Lake is still frozen.

It's possible the winter is getting to me and it hasn't even started yet! It was 25 degrees at my house this morning. It's coming.


A Lady's Life said...

Geez! I think its time Alaska made some deals with Canada so its easier to get things up there cheaper.
I think Canada would love to take Alaska on board.
lol Its becoming very populated up north with the Oil sands and the Russians trying to claim our north.
They have their own north I don't know why they want our side. lol
In Quebec we used to get a slight dusting around the 31st. But today its all different We can have snow in June. Where I am we only have about two weeks of snow.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It was only 46 here this morning. It didn't feel too bad since it was 87 yesterday and 82 already today. I hate the commercials that are to cover every area. They often don't make sense. I hope you are having a nice weekend.

crochet lady said...

Interesting term for you first snow. Hope the winter bring some pleasant things too, maybe you can paint some fantastic winter landscapes this year.

Lisa said...

I know what you mean by using the term locally grown. To me it should mean a 5 minute drive, not 5 hours.

I hate it too when you can find a great deal in a magazine or TV ad and it says not available in Canada? Or please ad 15$ on Canadian residents. Huh? Well then don't advertise it in Canada then. Grrr..

It was brrrr here this morning and all day to. 5-10 degrees celcius. Brr brrr brrr!

Snow is just around the corner. Well maybe around next month or so.

Kellie said...

Termination dust always meant the end of the season to me.

It always irritated me when they'd air advertisements for olive garden, red lobster, payless shoes and never brought the store in. My Dad was saying the still don't have those restaurants there and still run the ads - what's up with that?

Mim said...

yikes...25! my goosebumps are shivering

tainterturtles said...

After our warm snap here in WI this week, I think we are ready for cooler weather. Geez, can't believe I'm saying that!!!!! Krissy must be rubbing off on me.

Margaret Ann said...

Ahhhh...Reading your post today warms my's like you are right there talking to me face to face...Love that! You always bring a big smile...:)

Sorry about that termination "stuff". We are still in the mid 90's here during the day...with nights cooling down to the mid 60s...but yet we had golf ball sized hail here in the valley and 4 tornadoes in Flagstaff three days ago...Go figure!!! ??? :)