Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Sketching

This nice lady is Jean. I didn't capture her perfectly but my husband knew who it was so it must be close enough for the guy I go out with. That's a saying we've had around my house "close enough for the guy I go out with." I'm not sure what it really means, but it implies that things are "good enough". My husband used to say it anytime he was helping my sister do something, like helping her build her cabin. "Close enough for the sister of the girl I go out with." It meant he'd do it more special for me, but it was good enough for her.

I attended a wedding today. It was beautiful; the groom is a florist and he had the most beautiful flowers hanging from the ceiling. It was held in a greenhouse so there was a lot of natural light. I had a migraine this morning and skipped Sunday School but made it to church. I was considering skipping the wedding but I went and was glad I did. There's just something about watching young people in love and know they have the rest of their lives together. I've been married 26 years and would make the same choice today if given the chance to do it over again. I love my Sweetie!


A Lady's Life said...

Yes love is something.
It is really sad when people do not find true love.

I am all for it :)

crochet lady said...

Weddings are wonderful events. It must have beautiful in a greenhouse.