Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday sketching

This is Brent and looks very much like him. I think it's easier to draw people who have very distinctive hair, noses, face shapes, etc.
There's an interesting story about Brent. He is a guest, just up visiting his brother for two weeks. His brother, it turns out, is the guy I drew about 3 weeks ago, the young mystery serviceman. Brent goes to the same college that my son and DIL goes to in Moberly, MO - Central Christian College of the Bible. It is a SMALL world! He doesn't know my son but I'm sure they'll look each other up after I send an email to Travis.

In other news, I still have a migraine. It is now 5 days. I'm sure it's almost gone - I didn't take any medication today. I think a good night's sleep will do the trick.

The CPAP machine is going well...usually. The last couple of nights I've been feeling like I've been wrestling with it all night. It could be because I've had a headache and am just sleeping lighter.

Panda is not doing well still. She has good days and bad days. Last night she staggered and ran into the wall. I've seen her stumble a few other times too. But then she'll go all day walking normal. We think she may have had a stroke - her right eye seems droopy and her right muzzle seems to sag when she's panting. She's making a huge mess when she laps water too. I'm doing the meds for two weeks, but I don't really think they are going to help if it's a stroke or tumor; something is making her hurt and act abnormally. She is still the same sweet dog but seems mentally slower. I feel like I'm preparing myself to make the big decision, but still hoping that I won't have to.


janice said...

I am so sorry about Panda. Not an easy time.
5 days of migraine is not fair. have you gone to or called your Dr?

Every time you write about your CPAP machine I think you typed something else. :))
I will pray that this is a better week for you.


tainterturtles said...

I feel for you when it comes to Panda. You will make the best decision when the time is right.

Aunt Krissy said...

Wow, 5 days of the same headache. Not good. Sorry to hear the Panda is not getting better.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice sunday sketch. It is a small world. I hope that Panda is comfortable. It is so sad watching a loved one suffer.

crochet lady said...

Nice sketch Patty. I hope you kick that headache. That is a lot of days strung together to not feel good. I hope you find some peace about what to do about Panda.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Great sketch. Bummer about that migraine. Isnt there anything that can be done for them? And Panda too. I feel for you on making that decision. Not the easiest thing to do. If only they could talk to us.

Mim said...

great sketch - you do that so well. and funny about the six degrees of separation - isn't it always like that. also sorry about the migraine - brave you not taking more meds.

as for Panda - I hear you. i had a doggie who had strokes, and I had to finally put him to sleep. I cried for days. good luck with your decision.

soulbrush said...

worried about you and about panda. neil is reading corrina, and so whenever i see him with the book, you come to mind, which is every day.

Anonymous said...

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