Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The sun will come out tomorrow....

Panda seems to be improving! We had a rough week there, but this week she seems to be doing better. She is still spending much more time in the kennel than she used to, but is also coming out to the living room and laying down by my feet which is normal for her. We think she may have had a stroke, possibly brought on by the seizures. She had a week that was very dark, in pain and I think confused, just laying in her kennel. But now she has rejoined us, still no running or playing, but definately she is a happier dog than a week ago.

Here's why we think it was a stroke; her right eye is still "off", it looks different than the other eye, the pupil is huge and the eye is further back in her head. Her right muzzle hangs lower than her left when she's panting. She is having much more difficulty drinking water - she's getting enough, but she's making a terrible mess like her tongue doesn't work properly. There is water all over the floor each time she drinks; we have a mat under the water dish to catch the spills.

She is still overly jumpy, still urinating in house (although that's been better too- we are watching her like a hawk and getting her outside more), and still not her normal happy self, but I do see that she feels better. Her tail has that gentle half wag that I haven't seen in awhile. She still hasn't run or played with the other dogs in a month, but I'm hopeful that will come back too.

I've been reading up on strokes, seizures, and brain tumors in dogs. She may have forgotten previous house rules and we'll need to work on retraining her about going outside. Her personality may have changed also and I think there is a mental slowness that wasn't there before, but regardless, she doesn't seem to be in pain which makes me feel a whole lot better.


Lynn said...

Sending hugs and loves to this pup and to the family too. Hope he continues to get better and better and better.

Teri C said...

So sad for Panda and you. I hope the tide is turning for her.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad that you think Panda is improving. Poor little girl. Big hugs to you all.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Happy to hear you are seeing improvement in her. Our dog is like our kid so I know how you feel. May she keep improving daily.

soulbrush said...

sweet sweet panda, we hardly understand what strokes are as humans- so how could she. great signs of improvement, whew i am relieved. give her a smooch from me.

A Lady's Life said...

Poor little Panda.
Animals are like people and they suffer and feel pleasure and joy and pain and have the same irks like having to get up in the morning when they would rather sleep in.But they have a good spirit and with a little encouragement and love get back to normal.
She is lucky to have such caring owners :)

crochet lady said...

A bit of bittersweet news huh. That's wonderful that she is better, but the changes must be hard.

Margaret Ann said...

You are so sweet and sensitive and observant Patty.:) Sending positive vibes your way...fingers and toes crossed for Panda's constant improvement!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning Patty,
Love the post title. I needed to be reminded of that. It's dull and colorless here in DC. We had lots of rain yesterday and it looks like we're getting some later today.

Thank you for stopping by this morning. I will keep Panda in prayer. With Max, it happened so suddenly, at least for me it did. Maybe it's something that was festering on the inside and I was too busy w/work to notice.

By the time he got to the VET, the Cancer was too much. I do miss him so.

I love your blog look, your colorful photos of friends and family members and your beautiful sketches. I love that I've met you through this "blogging thing."

I may not visit often, but you and Jen are very dear to me and I love the connection that we share.

Also, one last thing... I've added your Migraines to my prayer box. I pray that soon there will be some type of cure, solution or remedy for them. My sister and girl friend suffer from them and I can't imagine the intense pain and discomfort you must feel.

Love you much!

Aunt Krissy said...

Patty, I'm glad to hear about the up swing in Panda, even if she is dumber then she used to be, she is still a sweet dog. Did she forget that she had a hand licking problem?
That would be a plus!