Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Pains

My daughter is in labor! For a l-o-n-g time, poor thing.

We talked yesterday around 6:00 pm and she was having occasional cramping. Then I went to the memorial service, stayed up way too late and went to work very tired this morning. She called about 8:00 am to tell me she had been cramping all night. I told her it's not cramping, it's called LABOR.

Her husband took her to the hospital and then she was sent home with the news that she wasn't contracting regular enough. Go home, be patient, it's coming.

Adrian called me a couple hours later and told me they might go to the hospital again. I advised that they wait until contractions were regular for at least an hour. This evening at about 6:00 pm she was having contractions every 15 minutes or so. She went through two of them while we talked. She says they are strong and she'll have them for an hour, but then they stop again for an hour or so. She has been awake since yesterday afternoon, the pain is too much to sleep through. Adrian, however, was sleeping quite well.

I've been waiting by the phone, but still haven't heard anything more. I'm betting I will have a new grand baby tonight or tomorrow.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Best of luck. Thoughts and prayers coming their way.

Kellie said...

How exciting! Is she going to try a vback? Hope it goes well.

Aunt Krissy said...

yeeeee. Are you still going to go to the cabin then?

PAK ART said...

I'm going to the fair today so I will still be accessible by cell. Cabin is Sunday & Monday. I may have to climb the hill every hour and make a call to her or is that being overly motherly? I wish I was there with her.
Yes to the Vback. Although a C-section is scheduled for the 9th if she hasn't succeeded by then. I'm hoping she's not in labor for the next 3 days - that's just too long!

soulbrush said...

then i read this and wow, i am sooooo excited for you all. what's happened? let us know, I can't wait to hear gran!!!! good luck daughter. we women are so strong!!

Cathy said...

You must be bursting all over! I can only imagine how it must feel since I have yet to experience such times.I look forward to hearing all about the newest treasure.