Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair is unlike any fair you've ever been to before. That's because fairs are all about farm life; farm animals, farm machinery, harvesting vegetables, farm crafts, good ol' farm cooking, etc. Alaska is not much of a farming state except for the huge vegetables we grow. My husband went with me many years ago and commented that the Missouri State Fair could fit our entire fair into its Cow Barn.

I understand the cabbage this year at our state fair set a new world record. I'm sorry, I didn't even go look at it. I'm just not that into big vegetables....or even small vegetables. Vegetables just don't draw me in.

Mom, Kathy and JoJo tried the hula hoops. We like free activities!

It's more fun to take two kids to the fair. That way they can enjoy things together.

I went with my mom, my sister and her son, and my other sister and her granddaughter. I'm exhausted. It is hard to do everything everyone wants and still stay together. I bet I walked several miles today going back and forth from rides to games to food to exhibits to rides to food to barns and finally to the car.
A good time was had by all. Now I need a nap.

ps - still no baby. Katie's contractions have slowed down and have been intermittent. I guess it wasn't real labor after all.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These sort of amusements exhaust me yet I am drawn to them. A nice break in the routine.

Aunt Krissy said...

Mom looks so cute! I think that the AK fair would fit in the the Dairy barn at the MN stare fair.

Kellie said...

No snow on the mountains yet? They sure look pretty.

We go to our local fair every year and it is like AK's in that it is small. A little of everything like rides/games/food, but a lot of animal stuff for the 4h and ffa.

We've never been to the NW WI state fair, but have heard it's huge.

K. said...

Aw, no baby yet. When I logged on this morning, yours was the first blog I visited looking for the news! :)

I do love the State Fair. We didn't go this year for a variety of reasons, but I cannot wait to take Bug there next year. (I'm not big on seeing the big vegetables either)

crochet lady said...

The picture is so pretty with the mts in the background. Looks like the kids had fun on those rides!

tainterturtles said...

I think the LARGE vegetables would be interesting, but that's only because I grow veggies here in WI and they always come out small in size!

How exciting about your daughter. I too had what's called Braxton Hick's contractions with my second child and I could have sworn they were like real contractions, but it wasn't. Those lasted several weeks before the "real" thing.

The baby will be here soon, yippee!