Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sun-Burned Sweetie

My husband worked outside quite a bit while at my sister's property in WI. The days were sunny and beautiful, mostly in the mid-70's with a breeze. One day was so breezy that he didn't bother to wear his hat because it didn't feel like he needed to shade his head. Big mistake. He burned his head BAD.
Here it is a few days later. It sort of resembles giraffe skin. It is still very painful, especially because he keeps picking at it and tearing off the burnt top layer, and exposing the new tender pink skin. One of my sister's co-workers brought in some aloe leaves for Tim. I slathered his forehead each evening before he went to bed.

We got home last night at about midnight. After hugging the dogs and letting them go outside, we settled into bed by 12:30 am. I didn't sleep well, maybe due to over-stimulation or thinking too much about work. I awoke at 5:00 am and then got up at 6:15 and got ready for work. I am tired and ready for bed but I just remembered I wanted to do a load of laundry tonight. As soon as I put that in the dryer, I'm going to bed.


Aunt Krissy said...

Ohhhh his head looks really bad now.

crochet lady said...

Oh dear, that looks so nasty. Hope the aloe helped a little.