Saturday, May 9, 2009

You Know You're a Redneck when....

You've probably all heard the "redneck" jokes made popular by Jeff Foxworthy. I remember one that states "you know you're a redneck when you have appliances on the back porch."

We go one better. We have a major appliance in my dining area. It's been there for at least three, maybe four weeks. There's a good reason for it, my husband replaced the squeeking dryer with one my parents gave us that doesn't squeek. And then spring clean up hit. He has not had time to haul this squeeker to the landfill. The irony is that we both work for the garbage utility but we can't seem to find the time to get our garbage there! ps don't mind the handcart, that's part of the dryer move.
Now that it's been here awhile it has become a piece of furniture, much like the table. The table regularly holds various pieces of hardware, books, motors, etc. The dryer has allowed more surface area and now holds ammo that he picked up for a good price. And I guess I'm a redneck by default because I married him and having a dryer in my dining room doesn't really bother me much at all.
Even our dog is a redneck. See? Her leather collar is red and when Tim soaked her with the hose a week ago, the dye stained her pretty white neck to pink.


tainterturtles said...

That is really funny and true. If you have something sitting around and it has a flat surface, you can be sure it will be used to store something like papers, books, nick nacks etc. It happens all the time at my house!!!!

My dinning room table is usually the spot for garden stuff, car stuff, mail, bowls of fruit and too many other things to mention. After 25 yrs, I'm just use to it...guess I'm a red-neck too!

Aunt Krissy said...

You're a readneck cause you have to put your shoes on to go to the bathroom!

crochet lady said...

We always seem to have something out of it's place at my house, although not an item that large.

A pink neck, poor puppy. Makes me think of white underwear being washed with something red. I did that a few times. The boys refused to wear 'pink' briefs.