Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trash Mashers

As part of the Spring Clean Up event in Anchorage, there is an outdoor event at the Parkstrip where teams compete in trash relay events. Our team was called the Trash Mashers. I went along as official cheerleader and photographer. It was fun hanging out with the guys and getting to know some of our crew on a more personal level. All 100 of my co-workers are really a great group of people.

Here's our team in the "trash grab relay". We didn't win.

Here's our team in the "trash bag throw". We didn't win.

Here's our team in the "tug-o-war". Yay! We won.
And here they are doing what they do best; haulin' trash!
When your garbage man (or woman) comes around next time to get your trash, tell them "thank you!" Our swampers, drivers, operators and haulers are a great group of guys and they do appreciate hearing "thank you" once in awhile.


tainterturtles said...

It looks like everyone was having fun. Was everybody treated to a picnic lunch too?

Aunt Krissy said...

Go Trash Mashers!

PAK ART said...

TT - there was free bottled water and free sundaes. It wasn't intended to be a food event - just "Good Clean Fun!" That's how they kept advertising it.

Vicki said...

This looks like it was so much fun--what a great way to celebrate what they do. I love the Trash Mashers name!

Hope the headache is doing better... it's Saturday (almost) so it has to be getting better already, right?

A Lady's Life said...

That must be an awful cold job up there in Alaska brrrr.
Here they are in sunny Hawaii lol
Yes... big thank you guys.
The whole world APPRECIATES what you do.:)