Thursday, May 7, 2009


It seems like this week has been all about work. My husband has had to work 13 days in a row, with some of them longer than usual - his first day off will be Sunday. He works 10-hour shifts so he's been gone a lot. I've been short 2 people (1 on vacation, 1 with emergency health issue) in my office of 4 so the remaining other gal and I have been stressing a little. It's spring in Alaska and cleaning is on everybody's mind.

If it's not woodlots, it's free dump days, compost, yardwaste, free dump coupons, haz waste, used oil, and where can I dump? It's been busy - I've had as many as three lines going at a time and so has the receptionist. It seems that neither of us can get our other work done because the phone keeps interupting us, although the phones are part of our job too. It's just hard when one part of the job takes over for awhile. The other stuff tries to take a backseat but there are important things in those piles too that must get done. I've been working overtime just to keep the important stuff moving.

To top it off I've had a headache since Sunday. I keep taking advil, aleve, exedrin and my ever faithful Imitrex. The headache goes away for awhile but then creeps back. Each evening this week I've been sitting on the couch waiting for bedtime. I'm exhausted.

I'll be back to my normal cheerful self on Saturday. I'm sure of it.

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Aunt Krissy said...

Well, you could quit your job and get a part time job that has no stress. You will be broke and poor but you wont be stressed.Until you're really broke and really poor!