Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Busy Day

Yesterday the day started with a phone call from my sister in WI wishing me a Happy Birthday. Then another sister sent me a HB email.

I went to work and a few of my co-workers had placed cards and small gifts on my desk. A single rose, a nice plaque, body lotion and a chocolate chip cookie and a promise of lunch out at a Thai restaurant next week.

Then it got better. The sun was shinging beautifully. My receptionist came in and brought me a pair of handmade beaded purple earrings. I've admired her work before and thought it was just beautiful. I'm wearing them today. My mom called and wished me a happy day.

Then my Sweetie came up on his lunch break and told me he loved me. The sun still shining!

Then I took my lunch and actually started on writing a book. I didn't get far, but got some of the main characters mapped out and the story line.

I had to go to our main storage at the landfill and find two very old files from the 80's. After about one hour of searching I found them! Hallelujah! Then one of the guys loaded my 6 boxes in their vehicle, drove them to town and unloaded them and carried them upstairs for me. I like nice men.

Then I got home and my daughter called. I love my daughter. Then I listened to my messages and my son had called, so I called him back. I love my son.

Then my husband came home and took me out to dinner. Scampi Mostaciolla at Las Margaritas. It's my favorite. It was delicious and filling so I had half of it put in a to-go box and now I have a delicious lunch for today.

Could your Birthday get any better than that? It was a perfect day!


A Lady's Life said...

Happy Birthday and may all your wishes and dreams come true. Wish you health happiness and prosperity and all the good things that come with them.Lots of sunshine and a bit of rain so the grass stays green:)

Aunt Krissy said...

I'm gald that you had a great day. also the 80's are not that old!

So, is this book one that I know about that you have worked on before?

crochet lady said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had such a blessed day with lots of thoughtful things throughout and even something fun and creative. Keep working on the book. Adult fiction or kids?

tainterturtles said...

I smiled the whole time I read your post. What a perfect birthday. Happy belated birthday PA!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND. I wish I was there to surprise you with some balloons made from Origami (not sure if I spelled it right) but it's the thought, right?

I'm so very happy that you have a wonderful day and that your loving family shared in your special day!

Many, many, many more!
Love and hugs,

Vicki said...

Well, very happy belated birthday--that sounds like a most excellent day and so many thoughtful friends and family. All the best to for the coming year, each and every day

Cathy said...

So you are a May Day baby.....your mother was given the best kind of "delivered" gift! It was good to see how your special day had joy and peace surrounding it. I am reminded again of how our Heavenly Father delights us with good things.

Happy Birthday!

K. said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)

Sounds like you had a good day, indeed.