Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Shister

Emily is getting a little shister. That would be "sister" to you and I but I like the way she pronounces it.
Katie (my daughter) had her 5 month check up today - with that came a sonogram and the sex of the baby. Little Shister is doing just fine and still planning to emerge around the first week of September. I'm still concerned because her last pregnancy ended with an emergency C-section right at 7th months. Hopefully this little one will be content to stay in until the time is right.

Now I'm thinking about baby girl names. I've heard Hailey and Ashley so far. I suggested Karina because I think it's such a pretty name, but Katie gave me an absolute NO. She does not want any names that start with a K because her whole life I called her "Kath...Kris....Kari....KATIE! My mom used to call each of us "Jen..Kath..Pat...Kri...Alic...PATTY!"

Can you imagine having 17 kids? My new employee at work is one of 17 children. It blows my mind. Her Uncle also had 15 children and the two families lived together for some time...that makes 32 kids between two couples. I can't even imagine.


Aunt Krissy said...

Don't forget, you also called her cricket, the dogs name!

crochet lady said...

Hope everything goes well for your daughter with this pregnancy. Do plan on being with her about the time of delivery?

My dad came from a family of 13, I thought that was huge.

tainterturtles said...

Emily is so cute. How exciting to have a new grandchild on he way. I hope you get to spend time with Katie when the new baby is born.

K. said...

Yay for new grandbabies! Glad things are going well with the pregnancy.

I CANNOT imagine 17 kids. Oh my.