Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Bevy of Bunnies

I created a warren of rabbits out of paper just in time to give my niece and nephew for Easter. A friend at work was cleaning out her office and found a pack of origami paper with instructions. She asked if I wanted it and of course I said yes. I can't turn down anything that even remotely resembles arts and crafts.
I also included step by step pics if you want to try creating your own bunnies for Easter - they are relatively easy as far as origami goes.

Start with a piece of square paper. Fold corner to corner, crease, undo and then repeat with other corner.

Open up and fold in half, open up and fold in half again, this time the other direction. Gather the corners into a ridge and then squash it flat.
Take the outer corners and fold up to the top. Fold the points to middle, then flip over.

This time fold the outer corners down along the center. Crease well. Fold outer corners up so you have perfect triangles. These will form the ears after you fold them up along the center gets hard to explain. Just look at the pictures!

Then holding the bunny at the tail end, gently loosen the folds a little so it's not so flat. Blow hard into his nose, he should puff up a little. I then used a paper clip (stretched out) to gently round him out a bit. Voila! You have a bunny! Now make several more and you too can have a bevy of bunnies.


crochet lady said...

Those are so great! The step by step pics were really a nice touch. I have tried that particular art before and found I wasn't the greatest at it. I had a hard time following the directions in the book, maybe they were just poorly written.

Thanks for sharing your bunnies.

tainterturtles said...

I like your paper bunnies too. Patty, you are just so creative! Have a good Easter.

Cathy said...

Thank you for the time it took to give such clear instructions. I will try this with the girls this week.It looks like fun!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh wow! right on time!
Such clear instructions!
I love origami!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

This is one of those, "easier said then done." I need more time and more paper (smile)

There are so adorable. I'm sure the kids at my church would love this if you were to come and give a hands on (lol)

Love for a great week!

purplepaint said...

These are bright and colorful! But where are your sketches? :D Marva