Monday, April 13, 2009

Springtime in Alaska

It's typical in Alaska to think spring is here, to get all excited about the warmer temperatures, melting snow, slight bits of green up close to the house.....and then for the snow to dump unexpectedly.

After an enjoyable Easter morning, brunch and a great service at church I came home yesterday and needed a short nap. I woke up with a migraine. It continued to bug me all evening until I went to bed. I took my medication and slept fitfully; waking up this morning to this:
A fresh layer of snow about 1 inch deep. I took one look, declared, "I hate Alaska!" and went back to bed for a few hours to try to get the migraine to go away. Within a couple of hours spring returned and melted all the new snow away. I drove to work feeling somewhat groggy but happy that spring was still here.

After I came home from work (in the bright sunshine I might add) I took a quick walk out back and took this picture of the pussy willows. Now that's a sure sign of spring. Winter can't go on forever!


tainterturtles said...

Yes, the snow is depressing, but the pussy willows is like a breath of fresh air.

Sorry to hear you battled a migraine. I hate those things. My mom, sisters and I also suffer from migraines. It sure sucks the life out of a person.

Vicki said...

Oh, the pussy willows almost make the snow and migraine worthwhile... well, maybe not quite almost, but they're still so wonderful to see!
I'm glad you were able to make it to church and enjoy some of your Easter before the migraine got you down and that you're doing better now.
1" of snow...that must have been a surprise... we had rain all day, slow gray and drizzly but it's what we really needed.

A Lady's Life said...

I love the snow. I remember when it snowed in the country, I would take out my skiis and go cross country through the farmers field till I got to his quarry. The heat from the sun would be so nice I'd take off my jacket and carry it and then at the quarry I was ready to go for a dip and would have if it would have been a sane thing to do.Instead I'd sit there taking the worlds glory in.
The fresh air, the sun, the white of the snow and the sparkling water, was terribly refreshing to the mind soul and spirit.So it must be, especially in Alaska.

crochet lady said...

I bet it feels great to see something budding. Hope you got the rest you needed with your migraine.

Cathy said...

"For lo, the winter is past,the rain (snow) is over and gone (almost).
The flowers(pussywillows) appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land." Song of Songs 2:11-12

(Not by any means attempting to change His word, just real life application, implied).