Friday, April 10, 2009

Panda has a question....

I haven't shown a picture of my dogs for almost two weeks. That's a record I think!
Here are the two bigger ones resting peacefully while we are watching TV.

I zoomed in to take a picture of Panda and Tim says, "What's so special about that?" and I reply, "She's very cute how she's laying." To which he replied, "It's just a dog sleeping on a bed. It's not that cute." I expressed great surprize! I told you he doesn't have an eye for beauty, art, etc! The man only thinks moose, bear, and deer with several points on their heads are worth a picture. Go figure. You should see him ooooh and aaaah over gun pictures too.

Then Panda raised her hand to ask a question. She does this often and usually the questions are simple. For example "When are you going to feed me?" or "Can I go outside?"
Last night the question was more difficult. She wanted to know about the molecular structure of an atom after a nuclear explosion while taking quantum physics into account. As I was giving a very thorough and correct answer to her question, I took too long and unfortunately she fell back asleep.


tainterturtles said...

I love the doggie pictures...are you sure they aren't staged? Boy your doggies have it made!!!

Alicia said...

ha ha ha...I can't even think of those scietific words, much less string them into a sentence that actually sounds like it makes sense. Come on, tell the truth...did you google that gibberish!

Carolyn said...

These photos are GREAT! I love dog photos...and I love to watch my dog when she's sleeping...all the funny positions.

A Lady's Life said...

hahahaha That is soo funny!
Women are soo much closer to their dogs. My dogs don't let my man come near me.
He always has to look around his shoulder to see if the dogs are watching before giving me a hug lol
They don't bite, although the little one charges and says noo.
nooo nooo and he laughs and says you are toast. Lucky for you, you are cute.Its amazing.
Once I had a shepard and he would get up slowly, circle around my husband and stand on his hind legs and scrape his back with his huge claws so he doesn't hug me.
lol That was not appreciated lol
I love dogs.:)Best friend you can ever have.