Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Car Saga Update

Still unable to start car until yesterday evening. Tim rigged up some length of pipe and used a blow torch to get heat under my low-to-the-ground vehicle. He poured the heat on for awhile, then tried to start it. No go. (I'm inside quietly watching a tv show and feeling guilty because I'm not out there with him.)

He put heat on for another 20 minutes. Tried to start. No go. (still feeling bad for him.)

He did it a third time. Not working. This time he jacked the front of the car up to better apply heat to the right area. Tried to start. No go. (feeling very much like I should be doing something, but what?)

Then he was on the verge of giving up but was compelled to try it one more time. Yes! Car started. I ran out and gave him a great big hug. He had worked so hard and long on it. It was above zero but still cold and he spent about two hours total.

This morning, car started but only ran 5 minutes before sputtering to death. AAACCCKKKK! Plus the engine light came on again. We left it at home and I made a car check-up appt for tomorrow.

I got home from work and started it. It started but died again within a few minutes. Bummer. Then I very scarily drove it to the autoshop for it's appt, sure it was going to die each time I slowed down. Each stoplight was shear terror as I imagined it dying in the middle of the intersection during rush hour traffic. But it made it. All the way, no problem. It was a huge relief to finally park it at the autoshop and get it checked in.

I should find out tomorrow what else is wrong with my car. At least it's no longer in my driveway.


Aunt Krissy said...

I hope that it's not to pricy!
Good job Tim!

tainterturtles said...

I sure hope you get that car running. It's an awful feeling to be without wheels for so long, especially in the winter months. Good luck.