Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Full Brain Syndrome

Full Brain Syndrome, commonly called FBS, is a condition in which one's brain has become so full of information that it CANNOT physically hold one more thing. Something has to go. I am currently suffereing from FBS.

I believe the brain memory banks are divided into categories which are different for everybody. For instance I have a 1/4 of my brain devoted to numbers I've memorized. Account codes, phone numbers, SS#, bank accounts, payroll account codes, etc. I have another 1/4 section of brain devoted to "how to's" for instance, how to work my camera, how to navigate a computer web site, how to work my cell phone, how to use the 4-wheel drive on husbands truck....things like that. Not all parts are needed at all times, but the info is in there.

I'm not sure of the exact configuration but there are sections for people and their names, Things I need to Do, day-to-day stuff and family/church/friends.

My brain is full because I've added all the "car fixing" data and there was no room for it. I learned new words such as "solonoid pack" and "spark plug wires" and "fuel/air ratio in the gas lines" and "motor mount" and quotes on repairs. It's all too much! Hense my brain overflowed causing me to forget some important things I have been meaning to do. Call a certain friend and thank her for the cookies she gave me a WEEK ago. I'm bad. Call the auto shop and rearrange the motor mount fix appt. Call daughter. Buy paper towels.

I need to dump some more info so if I forget who you are, just blame it on my FBS.


crochet lady said...

I think my oldest son has FBS. In his case his brain is full of football stats and facts. It's his new language.

Aunt Krissy said...

Are you sure it's FBS and not LBS?
(Leeking Brain Syndrome) Maybe your brain is always leeking?

tainterturtles said...

Ok sweetie, you just need to go outside and scream...or just take off running, and I mean a full-out run to clear your head...seriously. It sounds like you've been cooped up way too long inside.

FBS is a man-made condition! I hope you can go to bed early.