Thursday, January 15, 2009


We are having a Chinook, which is windy warm weather. The way Alaska sits, we occasionally get warm winds coming up and over from the southwest...this wind must have come from Hawaii. I'm not complaining about the warmth, but, it's hard to go from -20 one week to above 35 the next. The roads were terrible. Yesterday we had numerous accidents due to icy roads - one report stated 30 cars in the ditch from the Knik River Bridge to Muldoon Road. Our Safety guy at work reported 9 cars in the ditch at the Ft. Rich overpass. Plus the ice and wind caused two transformers to go out yesterday morning, shutting off electricity to much of south Anchorage. It was an interesting drive to work with the stoplights out and ice on all the roads.

Schools were closed, Kulis Air National Guard shut down and many places only required "essential" personnel to come in. I went to work and spent one hour coding invoices with a flashlight before the power came back on. The rest of the day was uneventful though. Most of the main roads got fairly clear of ice and snow by the evening. We've had rain and more wind overnight. But as long as it's not freezing, roads will just be wet, not icy. I hope.

Car still in the shop. Stress still knocking at my head. One of my blogger friends suggested a run and although I don't run, I do feel the need to get out and get some physical exercise - just to clear my head. But sharing cars is preventing me from doing my own thing.

Katie and I talked last night. Emily is starting to talk more. Now that she's figured how to form words, she's doing it more and more. Here's a pic of the little darling.


Aunt Krissy said...

-30 at my house this am. I'm sorry to here about you p.o.c. car!
and Little Em sure is cute!

PAK Art said...

I think our cold snap headed south. Looks like you all are getting very cold temps. Tim hates the wind, remember? It's windy.

crochet lady said...

Weather reports here say 30 to 40 below and them back up to above freezing early next week. I hate it when the weather changes so quickly. A 60 deg. difference is a big change in just a couple days. We'll have to see if that is actually what will happen.
You sure have one cute grandkid.

tainterturtles said...

Ted's granddaughter Rissa, is back in Anchorage (see her comment)and she told us about the unusual weather there. They talked about Fairbanks and Anchorage temps on the Today Show this morning. It's amazing that 4-5 days later we will be getting your same temps, minus the Chinook winds.

Your grandbaby is cute. I bet you miss her.