Thursday, January 15, 2009

Noah's Ark Logo

I feel like my head is finally clearing from the fog of this week. My car should be done tomorrow, although after talking to the mechanic today, I'm a little concerned. He is having trouble figuring out what is wrong with it and needs to test drive it, but hasn't wanted to take it out on the icy roads. I appreciate that he doesn't want to wreck my car, but I would really, really appreciate having it back home in my driveway just waiting for me to take it for a spin.

I've finally gotten fairly caught up at work. I still have lots to do and plan to work Saturday, but have finished all the "must haves" that everyone has been demanding from me for year end.

This is a logo I did this past year for Noah's Ark Bed and Breakfast in the Mat-Su valley. Two ladies co-own it. They wanted an ark full of Alaskan animals. I drew several designs and this is the one they settled on. They sent me a picture of a totem pole on an exterior wall of their home and I incorporated it into the figurehead on the ark.

This was an experience in listening to the customer. A third party who is designing their website contacted me for the logo and told me they wanted an Ark, which should be a very simplistic modern design with minimal lines. No details and definately not cutesy. The owners and I were having trouble communicating through this third party, so I called the ladies directly. That is not what they wanted at all! They wanted cartoon like animals and they wanted lots of detail.

I always think it is most important to make the customer happy and not force my own personal likes/dislikes on them. They will proudly display this design on a business card but wouldn't have been happy if I had followed the directions I was first given.


Aunt Krissy said...

That's nice. Hey. your book got requested and is on its way to Glenwood City! Just think somebody checked out your book!

PAK Art said...

That's cool. You'll have to let me know if it moves again.

Anonymous said...

Patty, the Ark you drew is wonderful! jg

tainterturtles said...

Everytime I hear you talk about the frustrations of your car, I just feel your pain Patty. I hope you get your car back soon.

I love the Noah's Ark logo. The animals are placed very nicely...good job.

Kris and I were excited last night to see your put was on it's way to a nearby town. A woman requested your book. Yippee!!!!!!!

crochet lady said...

Yah I was gonna mention about your book, it was on our paging list a few days ago. Your Noah's Ark seems perfect for a Logo. I bet it is hard dealing with several parties in a bus. deal. How often do you do something like that? It's nice that you have a place to use your artwork and get paid for it.

PAK Art said...

I don't do artwork like logos very often. I used to about 10 years ago and kind of got tired of dealing with people and their unrealistic expectations. One guy wanted a boat, airplane, train, and bus all in the same logo with mountains, alaskan animals, and the ocean. He owned a travel company and wanted to show everything he could provide in one little logo. I tried to tell him it wouldn't work. We ended up with something simpler. Now with everyone having the ability to get on computer and design their own stuff using clip art, the need for generic logos is gone. I still occasionally do a speciality thing like this Noah's Ark.