Friday, January 16, 2009

LOST - Garbage Can

LOST - One 55-gallon, light blue, plastic, garbage can, but missing lid. Looks exactly like the other 30 garbage cans on our street. If this can has wandered into your yard, please return immediately. It's twin and it's lid is missing it.

Very, very windy day. There are trash cans rolling all over the streets, in and out of traffic, yet I don't see mine. I found the lid across the street in the neighbors yard. It got up to 50 degrees today!!! I almost believe in global warming now. Almost. Last week at -20 I was not convinced. I'm still not convinced, but at least it's more believable this week.

The main roads are just wet, but the back roads are like skating rinks. One of our garbage truck drivers told me a funny story today. He was at the top of a hill stopped at a red light. Directly across the intersection he can see headlights coming up the hill from oncoming traffic and is wondering "how on earth is someone making it up that icy hill?" The lights appear at the top and then slowly start sinking back down out of sight. His light turned green and as he moved forward he was able to see down the hill to where the other car had backslid all the way to the bottom. He was laughing so hard as he told the story that I couldn't stop either.

Car still at the shop. Every day I get my hopes up. Every day they are dashed to the ground. Maybe it's time to go car shopping? We've been thinking of getting a Honda CRV for me but don't really relish a car payment each month.

shhhh - don't tell the rest of my family who always purchase USA made cars.

NEWSFLASH! 5:50 pm. I just talked to my mechanic. Got it figured out. I can pick it up tomorrow after 9:00 am. Still don't know the cost but I'm ecstatic. maybe it's a ploy - they keep it for so long that you are willing to pay anything to get it back. maybe? Let's hope not!


Aunt Krissy said...

We are going to ( maybe ) rain on Monday. Thats what the news people said tonight. I'm glad that you're going to get your car back!

tainterturtles said...

I hope you really do get your car back tomorrow. But I hope you don't get socked for a big bill either! Maybe you should think about a newer vehicle, or at least start saving $ for one.

I can't believe Anchorage had 50 degrees today...very freaky.

CO Patty said...

Wow - i just read a news story about the crazy warm weather you are having and the flooding etc. Stay SAFE!!!

crochet lady said...

I can tell you and Aunt Krissy are sisters, you both have a great sense of humor! If I find your garbage can I'll mail it to you.

I had a funny incidnet with a garbage can once. We lived in a trailer when K. and I were first married and we kept the garbage can down the steps along the side of the trailer. One summer night I couldn't sleep (I was six months pregnant) and I heard a noise out by the cans. I peeked out the door and a racoon was digging around in the can. I wanted to scarce it off but didn't want to wake up anybody shouting, so I reached in our closet and found a basketball. I sneeked open the door real quiet like, took aim and bopped that coon right on the head (I was a good three point shot maker in basketball in school). It was one of the funniest things I ever saw. He looked a bit dazed and then finally ran off.
So, thats my garbage can story.