Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snow Piles

It's that time of year. Every parking lot in Anchorage has a corner that looks like this. Until they pay someone to haul it to one of the official snow dump sites. We are expected to have more snow tomorrow and the day after. All this snow is great for snow-machining up to the cabin. I can't wait until Tim and I can plan to have the same days off so we can go.

Along with large piles of snow in parking lots, come fewer parking spaces and the inability to see any lines on the roads. 4-lane highways become 2 or 3. Some turn lanes disappear. Small cars (like mine) can get stuck in drifts near corners and in the suicide turn lanes, and berms become so high that small cars (again, like mine) have difficulty seeing to the sides at an intersection to see if the way is clear to turn. Sidewalks become non-existent unless it is one of the few the city deems important enough to keep clear.
All this snow doesn't seem to faze a few hardy bikers. I saw a bicyclist this evening, in a safety vest, navigating a busy intersection in the dark. I watch out for them, but in the winter you aren't really expecting to see a bike.


Aunt Krissy said...

stupid bikers in AK! I know they have the right to bike in the winter but come on! I have had my heart go thump thump a few times due to a biker in winter!

tainterturtles said...

I'm a bicyclist and I could never bike during the winter months. I don't trust motorist during the summer months let alone on snowy roads. Our son bikes during the winter months to his college classes, but he doesn't do any long rides out on the country roads...thank heavens.

Wow, winter is just beginning for us. Can't believe that snow pile in your picture, and it's not even Dec. 1 yet.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rebecca said...

Where is that picture? Inquiring Missouri minds want to know:)