Thursday, October 16, 2008

Harvest Party

Each year our church holds a Harvest Party in leiu of Halloween to give the kids an alternative to celebrating Halloween. We have a lot of fun with a mini carnival complete with bobbing for apples, face painting (my booth last year), ball toss, miniature golf, fishing pond, netting plastic ducks, etc. We also sell corndogs, chips, chili, hotdogs, popcorn, etc to help raise money for the teen youth group. I'm not sure they ever really make any money as the supplies probably outway the cost of the products but it's all in good fun.

Last year we had Trunk Treating for the first time. All the regulars at church came with treats in the trunk of their cars. The kids went around in the church parking lot from car to car shouting Trick or Treat and we gave them goodies from our trunks.

We have just begun planning for this upcoming Harvest Party which will take place October 31, same night as Halloween. The theme this year is Noah's Ark, same as last year. The adults are encouraged to wear costumes appropriate to the theme so last year I came as the Raven that never returned after Noah sent him out to find dry land. Don't laugh. I'm a plump raven. By the way, that blue dot - nobody knows what it is. We looked and looked at this picture after last year's event and finally decided it was a blue styrofoam dot stuck to the camera lens.....maybe. It's a mystery.

I'm trying to decide if I should be a raven again, or maybe go with something else. It would be easy to dress up as Noah's wife. Or a dove costume would be easy, same feet as last year and everything else same but make it in white. But white is way less slimming than black, so probably won't go for that.


tainterturtles said...


an I come to the Harvest party? Sounds like fun. I like the raven costume. Maybe you could be an Eagle!

pgs said...

Interesting spot for a dot! haha
LOVE the costume though.

Aunt Krissy said...

Uh Patty? that dot is in a bad bad place! maybe theres a gap in the costume and that was your jeans comming through?

PAK Art said...

No, no, no. We have scrutinized the picture multiple times. It is not a hole in the costume. I did consider that it could be a blue bottle of some kind of paint that I'm holding between my legs. But we were only using face paint and I can not recall any bottle such as that. There was some beanie bag animals and one was losing little styrofoam beads out of it - that's why we think it's a blue styrofoam dot stuck to the lens.

Alicia said...

Perhaps your legs are so thin that the blue stuff behind you is showing through the gap between your thighs...possibly??