Friday, October 17, 2008

Song of the Raven

Have you noticed a theme lately? Ravens? There's the pic of me in a raven costume, before that my wildlife cards with a raven, a painting I did for a former boss of ravens on a fence and now, this: Song of the Raven. This is a book I wrote and illustrated several years ago. I ocassionally still go to book signing events and craft bazaars to sell the book, but that has slowed down over the years. When it first came out I did a couple talks at local elementary schools and book signings all the time. I even participated for several years in a one-day Book Writing event for elementary students in the Mat-Su valley and taught two short classes on Illustrating each year. That has been a lot of fun, they paid us to come, and we got to sell books at the event.

Song of the Raven is a book about death. I know, sounds depressing, but it isn't. It's a story about the life cycle of animals in the Alaskan wilderness. It sells on and at Publication Consultants (my publisher's site). I also have copies at home that I sell personally. I charge $10 each plus shipping. I'm going to post this on my sidebar if you should ever want to purchase one - I'll even sign it! Whooo Hoooo! For those of you who know me personally, I know that's no big deal. But someone out there somewhere might be impressed. Maybe. Who knows? It could happen.

When I wrote this book I was thinking about having to put our family dog, Snicker, to sleep. The kids were young and I was explaining about death to them. That's when I came up with this story. In the book several animals die, but their death contributes to the life of another animal. I also portray an accidental death, predator/prey death and death by old age. My intent was to make it easier for parents to discuss with children why it happens, how it can happen and that it is a natural part of life. Not something to fear.

On the illustrating side, I have included some hidden animals and different patterned borders to encourage re-reading and getting something new from it each time. It's written for ages as young as 4 or 5 (to be read to them) up to about 3rd grade reading level.


Aunt Krissy said...

Hows the boat book doing? and what about your other book?

tainterturtles said...

The Colfax PL needs a copy of your book, signed of course!!!! I didn't realize you actually authored a book....awesome Patty. You can bring the book when you visit WI next month. I feel sad because I will be at a library conference when you come to visit...darn.