Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cover Illustration

Here's another example of a cover illustration that I painted. The difference between this one and the last one I showed you for "Through the Eye of the Glacier" is that this one I haven't been paid for, nor has it been published.

Two years ago an author in my publishing group asked me if I could paint the cover for his next book. I told him that I would sure give it a try. We discussed what he was looking for; mountains, trees, trail, bear following footprints into the woods. I drew him a sketch, he said that was exactly what he was looking for. The title of the book was planned to be "End of the Trail". His book wasn't done at that point and he told me he would let me know as we got closer. So I didn't sweat it.

Six months later I get an urgent call from the publisher stating that the cover needs to be done ASAP as we are trying to publish the book soon. I ask how long and I'm told that it would be great if I could get it done that weekend. So I hurridly painted it that weekend.
I didn't hear back, nothing, for several months. I called a few times but was told the author didn't get it finished as planned. Anytime now. Anytime.
Next spring I meet the author again and show him the painting I've done. He hems and haws and said "I love the picture, the bear is great, but I thought we discussed no people in it." I'm suprized because I thought we discussed putting the people in, but just barely. Like I painted it. He tells me he needs to think on it, he'll let me know. In the meantime, could I repaint it without the people?
I was not inclined to do that since the book still wasn't finished. Fast forward two years til now. The book still isn't finished and my painting is pinned to the bulletin board patiently waiting. Each time I see him he's "almost finished". So I haven't bothered to repaint without the people, because it's possible I'll be out two paintings instead of one.
Lesson learned: Write down what the artist and author discuss. I couldn't honestly remember what we had talked about since so much time had passed. And I'm not planning on repainting until I get a firm go ahead and the book is finished.


Aunt Krissy said...

Can you ask for 1/2 the money up front? so that way you get a little something for what you did do?

tainterturtles said...

I agree with Kris. A little $ upfront would be nice. Sounds like the author is "S" head! By the way, I like your illustration.

PAK Art said...

he's a good guy. Just the King of Procrastination. I'm pretty bad myself so I don't hold that against him. But like I said, no money, no more pictures.