Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I call my husband sweetie and that's what he calls me too. My sister Kris says the word "sweetie" with sarcasm....she thinks I'm spoiled rotten because sweetie gets whatever sweetie wants. If she got a snowmachine stuck, Tim would say "how did you manage to do that?!" If I ran into a tree (which I did spectacularly once), he says "Are you ok sweetie?" All Kris could say was "I'm sure glad it wasn't me! He wouldn't be that nice if I did it!"

Sweetie hates to have his pic taken or shown so I've respected his wishes and just posted his boots. I like his boots. This is what he wore to our son's wedding.

He is at the cabin for two days and I miss him already. I know that sounds lame to any single ladies out there, but really, I'm not used to being by myself for anything longer than about two hours. I couldn't sleep at all last night, tossing and turning, hearing every single sound our house makes and I let the two big dogs (Roxy went to cabin with Tim) sleep with me....that's not something I'd recommend doing again. It was VERY crowded. Plus one of them kept trying to lick my face which will freak you out in the middle of the night! Tonight they sleep in their own dogs beds, I think I'm tired enough to fall asleep quickly and don't need their company.

I turned the heat on as soon as he left last evening. Wheeeee! It got up to a very warm 65 degrees. I'll turn it back down before he gets home tomorrow and he'll think I'm as frugal as he is.

Although he's at the cabin working on insulating the roof, he took along his gun in case he sees a moose. Moose season is open and he'd really like to get one this year. He has next week off for hunting also. The ironic thing is that I saw two bull moose on my way home from work today.


Aunt Krissy said...

What a baby! you cant sleep with "sweete" gone, dont like being by yourself! I would go to the cabin by myself,unload my 4 wheeler, brave that trail, go to the spider outhouse by myself! What a sissy!

PAK Art said...

Do you have pent up anger perhaps? Tell us how you REALLY feel. See - I told you all, she has issues with me being a sweetie.

Alicia said... guys are too funny! ROTFC (rolling on the floor chuckling)