Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cabin Trail woes

Panda sez: Have you heard the one about three dogs that go to heaven and meet St. Peter at the pearly gates? Oh, you have? Well how about the one where three dogs walk into a bar. The first dog says....

Oh never mind. Panda doesn't talk. I just pretend she does. (Tim and I did play cards with a previous dog, Snicker - she never talked either and she wasn't very good at cards.)

I just talked with Tim - he's at the cabin and called on his cell. He had trouble hauling supplies in last night in the rain.

He took one trip in from the truck to the cabin with just the 4-wheeler - the trailer he is using to haul wood is parked at the cabin. It was already dark and pouring rain. He hooked up the trailer and returned to truck where he loaded up 4 cans of Kerosene. Just a short way in he got stuck but then realized one of the trailer tires had come off the rim. It was down in the mud and he couldn't get to it. Couldn't pull or push it out so had to use the winch to get it up off the trail. He broke something on the trailer (cell phone cut out a few times during this part of the conversation) since it had to be pulled up through some trees. He unloaded the trailer and used the kerosene cans to prop it up while he took the tire off. He then hauled the tire and cans in to the cabin on the 4-wheeler (side note - it's hard to strap round items like 4 big kerosene cans to the racks). He went to bed at 2:30 am after being out in the rain and digging around in the mud for 3-4 hours.

This morning he made coffee, oatmeal and fed Roxy. Took the tire down to the lake to rinse all the mud out of it, hauled the generator and air compressor out and fixed the tire. Then he loaded the 4-wheeler with milk crates and headed back down the muddy trail to where the trailer was stashed. He propped the trailer up with milk crates so he could put the tire on, fixed whatever was broken on the trailer and returned to the truck and then hauled in two more loads of supplies. Tomorrow he has to go down another trail to haul water from a spring back to the cabin.

All in all, he went back and forth 4 times. The trail is 3 miles long and very muddy. Roxy ran 24 miles total - he said she was very wet and cold, but still trotted out ahead.
Good news: Today was sunny with a nice breeze which kept the bugs at bay. The rafters are coming along slowly; he's had to do a lot of measuring and thinking before cutting any wood. Roxy has been very good company.

I'm glad I didn't go to the cabin this time.


Aunt Krissy said...

I'm glad I didnt go too! that sounds like a icky trip!

Alicia said...

did you pose Pandas feet like that? I mean paws.

PAK Art said...

Panda lays like that alot. Often crossing her front paws. She also lays on her back alot with one front paw stuck straight up in the air. Tim always turns to me and says "I think Panda has a question."