Thursday, September 11, 2008


For those of you who know my dad, you know he always has a project going in the garage. As a child I can remember him building a telescope, a steam engine, and rebuilding a player piano. He had so many projects it's hard to remember them all.

Here is his latest, fresh out of the garage, (drum roll please)...a new airplane! He built this from a kit, I don't know what model it is but I do know it's the most beautiful orange and yellow color. I'm suprized he chose those colors as his old plane was a very demure white with green trim.
He still has a bit of work to do; adding struts, wingflaps and wiring the whole thing, plus I'm sure more that he didn't even mention. I looked inside and took a whiff - it didn't even smell like an airplane yet! No sick sack needed.

I'm very proud of my dad. Not too many people build an airplane in their lifetime.


Aunt Krissy said...

the colors are classic cub colors
thats why he did them and he got the kit someplace here in wisconsin

PAK Art said...

I think red is a classic cub color. If orange and yellow were, you'd think I would have seen more orange ones out there. I'll bet 90% of cubs in AK are red. So, is it a cub?

Alicia said...

its a J-3 I believe. It's just like a Piper super cub but it's lighter. (I think thats what dad had told me)