Monday, September 8, 2008


I can't leave MaryAnn out. She's not my dog and she makes sure I know it. She doesn't bother to come down the hall to greet me when I get out of bed like the other two. Although sometimes she'll give me a quick "whooo whooo". She'll take my petting, but if Tim gives her a look I might as well be a post. She LOVES Tim and hangs on his every momement. He just has to make a quick movement with his hand and she thinks he wants to play. And he does play with her, lots.

She's a sweet dog, but has some neurotic tendancies. She is deathly afraid of wind and any loud noises like shooting (poor thing - that happens at the cabin periodically) and firecrackers (New Year's Day and the 4th of July are bad days for her). She freaks out when Tim leaves the truck, even if I'm in there with her. She whines and whines and watches the door of the store, just waiting for him to appear again. She also hates the rumble strips on the highway, poor dog starts shaking when we get slightly off center. We left her with friends once and she tore down a fence and tried to escape. She also goes crazy over balls, balloons, water hoses and shiny reflective spots. She can entertain us for hours jumping at the sprinkler.
However, she's fine at home....except for this one time, well, to tell the truth it's happened twice in 10 years. She's torn out the bottom half of our bedroom door while we were gone. We think she must have been frightened by possibly loud noises and tried to take refuge in the bedroom. Our second thought was that someone was trying to break into the bedroom window so she tore the door down trying to get to them.
All in all, she's a keeper. Even if she does like sweetie better than me.

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Aunt Krissy said...

Great door pic!
I'm glad my dog doesnt do that!