Sunday, September 7, 2008

My morning helper, Roxy

Roxy tries to help me get ready each morning. It starts with toe licking as soon as I step out of the shower. I shoo her away, but she happily leads me to the bedroom where she knows I'll sit on the bed to pull my socks on. That requires more toe or knee licking before I gently kick her out of the way. Then she "helps" with the pants by sitting or standing on the legs as I try to get a foot down into the leg....sometimes this causes me to get off balance, in which case, I will then snap at her "Roxy, get off!" She's still happy though and leads me to the living room where I sit on the couch to put on my shoes. As I bend my head to put the shoes on and lace them, she nudges in for more petting and face licking if I'm not quick enough to jerk out of her way. I try to take a moment to give her some good petting so she's not so much in the way, but she is relentless. She's the kind of dog who never quite gets it when she's in trouble. She thinks everything is a game and she's a glutton for petting. Just look at that face! Who could stay mad at that cute little face?


Alicia said...

I could easily stay mad at a dog thats that doggone annoying!

she is cute though...

...but licking your toes or your knees or your face....ewwwww

Aunt Krissy said...

Hey! Dont knock a toe licking from a dog! Its kind of nice when your feet are hot!.. Sorry Patty , I could stay mad at a dog that has such an ugly face for a long time!
Now if it was a nice long pointy face that would be diiferent!