Monday, September 8, 2008

Hair - fashion faux pas?

On the left, me with long hair. Next picture - my sister Alicia on the left, me on the right with my new "shag". You can see how we might look like twins with the same hairstyle.

I've done long hair and short hair, and back to long hair, and then short hair. I usually get to the point that I need to cut my hair when it gets so long that it seems to droop like a basset hound's ears. As I get older, the gray streaks running through the long strands only add to my displeasure. So, off to get a haircut.
Usually I'm happy with a trim, but this past year I went much shorter to this "shag" which I like very much. Better than short short, better than long, it's a happy medium. The only problem is that if I let it go too long before making another appointment I start in with the scissors, just to trim it up here or there. I have a hard time putting the scissors down once I get started.
Once I cut my sister Kris' hair for her....back when we were all too cheap to go to a hairdresser. I had trouble getting the bangs even, and soon her "bangs" were only about 1 inch long. We called it the "heidi haircut" for some time and she hasn't let me near her hair with scissors since.
I've just noticed. I wear a lot of red. Every pic (all taken several months apart) I'm wearing red.


Alicia said...

wow...we do/did look alot alike. When I first saw the pic before I read what you wrote I had to do a double take cause I thought it was me!

I hardly ever wear red. I think that's my first and only time. Come to think of it I gave you my red shirt cause I was never wearing it.

Your hair looks good both ways. A little on the sassy/pixy side with the shaggy one.

Aunt Krissy said...

I like it when your hair is a few days deom not being washed and you have been wearing a snowmachine helmet. it looks really nice then!

Aunt Krissy said...

Thats a few days from not being washed! not deom!

PAK Art said...

Maybe I'll post a pic of me with helmet hair come winter. You'd like that.

Anonymous said...

wow - alicia looks so old! heehee

Alicia said... who's the anonymous person? hunh? hunh?

I hate spelling anonymous because it takes me like 4 (actually 6)times to get it right. I always give up and have to look it up!