Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday sketching

I sketched Lonnie today - he was more fidgety than I expected for an older man. He kept looking left towards his wife, leaving me with the back of his head, but then he'd turn forwards and I'd capture another quick sketch of nose, forehead or ear. It is good discipline to sketch from life - it forces you to observe quickly. I'm not afraid to erase with my kneaded eraser numerous times. I used a harder pencil today and the shadows and creases are not as soft as I'd like them to be. A pack of drawing pencils always comes with soft, medium and hard leads. I use them all but prefer the medium and softer ones myself.
We had a snowstorm this weekend...approximately 8-10 inches in my area. Sweetie spent a couple hours shoveling the driveway and the garage roof today. The snow piles on each side of the driveway are over my car now.
I was careful driving to church this morning as the visibility was very poor. Lots of blowing snow and icy roads. I made it safely to and from though.


Lynn said...

It's hard when our subjects won't sit still for us to draw. I'd say you did a supurb job of it.

All that snow makes me shiver. Told Cris I was out in just a sweat shirt and cotton pants today. Warm here in sunny CA.
Glad someone is having winter somewhere!!!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh boy I do not envy you all this shovelling for sure.although its the best exercise. Beats going to the gym.
If I was out there I would have a tarped tent going down my driveway to keep it free and clean of snow and if there are worries about too much snow piling on it I would have a BBQ in there when it was empty to send heat up so the snow melts lol
We have neighbors who keep a tent for the car up all year because the trees spray gooey liquid, from where I don't know, and it covers the windows as well as everything else and is hard to wash off.

marianne said...

Your world looks so beautiful in white!
I remember I skied there near Anchorage many years ago.
You asked if I should ever fly to Anchorage. We did for many years but they stopped that route. But you never know maybe in the future.....I would love too♥

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a winter you are having. I remember when I first started reading your blog I couldn't believe it didn't snow much there. Ha.. Mother Nature is making up for lost time. Love your Sunday sketch. Be careful out there driving in the snow.