Monday, January 9, 2012

Cactus Monday

I finished my book of Cactus Monday nursery rhymes using I have ordered one copy to see how it turned out. Please take a moment to thumb've seen the pics before but there might be one or two you missed.

The cost for me is $19.95 per book (soft cover) plus $7.99 mailing so it turned out a bit more pricey than I wanted. If it turns out well, I'll order a few copies for family and friends. I wasn't intending this as a book to sell, just a way to keep my illustrations and rhymes intact and combined. Before this they were in several different sketch books and pieces of paper floating around my art room.


marianne said...

It says currently not available :(
Will be back later to see it

A Lady's Life said...

thats a very nice book. Boy they sure do charge a lot to put it together though and then to ship it.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a great book tho. All put together like that makes it look so professional. oh you ARE a professional writer. :)What fun even tho it was expensive.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Darn, I couldn't make it go. I know your Grands will love this too. I once thought I would write a children's story. I haven't done it yet.

Kellie said...

Great idea Patty!

PS how's winter? lots of snow there i hear.. I think we hit a high of almost 50* today.. crazy warm weather for us..

Teri C said...

OMG!, this is totally adorable! There are lots I haven't seen. I think you have another best seller on your hands.


Anonymous said...

hey Patty.

Can you order 2 for me and I'll pay you right away . I promise.

I love it and must have 2. One for Jadyn of course and I'll get you to sigh them too!

Anonymous said...

Is it a one time order only? If I decide to buy a few more can I get them later or do you need to know now how many you're going to order?

me again.