Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet grandbaby

Aiden is looking at his sister Hailey and smiling at her when she smiles at him. I'm ready to see him again! They are planning to come up in January - at least I hope that's still the plan.

haikus - although the cadence may be off it's what I'm feeling this morning. We had snowflakes yesterday - didn't stick, but it's coming soon.

sharp, mean, hurts
makes me cranky

soothing help
makes me sleepy

don't want to go
force myself


A Lady's Life said...

Oh I know how you feel but going to work is good.
I wish I could go to work.But always something in the way of it.
The baby is cute and I am sure you can't wait to hold it.
Too bad families all move in different directions.

Mim said...

oh that baby is so adorable! how old now?

I could write scathing comments about work...but won't

Lynn said...

understanding love of grand son as i am enjoying hands on with new grand daughter hope you get to hold him soon such a cutie

Anonymous said...

cutest. baby.ever.