Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Sketching

Today we had a mission's conference which included a couple of guest speakers, a potluck after church and an auction to raise money for some missions we support. I donated a watercolor pet portrait to the auction and it sold for $120. Now the winning bidder will supply me with a couple photographs of her pet (Springer Spaniel) and I'll paint a picture for her. I was a little afraid no one would bid on it, but to my relief they did.
While the speakers were talking I sketched Laura. I redid her profile about 10-15 times and then put the sketch away. After awhile I pulled it out again and redid the profile about 5 more times. It looks somewhat like her, but not a perfect portrayal. When I brought it home though my husband knew right off who it was so it must look more like her than I thought. Sometimes it's really hard for me to capture the one thing that makes them who they are...but figuring out what that particular thing is is the hard part.


Ami said...

I love the hair. A simple sketch, yet I'd recognize the hair if I saw it 'in person' so to speak.

You're talented.

And if I had money, I'd pay to have a picture sketched of my old dog that we lost this week... no one does stuff like that around here.

Caroline said...

Practice makes perfect eh? Looks a lovely sketch anyway! Great that your painting raised so much cash - well done! I like the sound of your AK versions of the chinese pincushions! I've had this one for many, many years but I've seen them here too.

A Lady's Life said...

these are lovely
have you done one of the baby?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is great that you could help the church with your God-given talent. You will soon have a directory of your fellow church goers if you keep this up. I bet they could each pick themselves out if they saw the pictures.

tainterturtles said...

Very nice Patty. Wow, your sketch brought in big bucks! Your talent is amazing...certainly a God given talent.