Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Sketching

I sketched Gavin's dad today but I'm too lazy to go get my church directory so I can be reminded of his name. I know his name, I just can't think of it right this second. Don't you just hate that?!
I finished my fancy rooster last night. I stayed up till midnight getting it all glued into place. I appreciate everyone's suggestions and ideas. I especially loved Chris' comment "Glue it down already!" I realized I was doing the equivalent of I tore it up, put it back together similar to the very first design I did and glued it down. I'm very pleased with it even though it's head looks a little more peacock than rooster, that's why he's a "fancy" rooster. btw, this piece of art is 100% recycled - the keys are left over from our dept re-keying several years ago, the paint is from the muni Haz Waste center, and the board it's mounted on is a cupboard front from the ReStore, a store that sells used construction and contractor type items.

I started my next recyled art project. I'm planning a paper collage of a Weeping Willow tree; I've never done this before. It's very time consuming with lots of little bits of paper to glue. But I'm having fun. There's a twist on the "weeping" part, but it's too hard to explain. When I finish it I'll post it and then it will be obvious. (old piece of cardboard, colors cut from various magazines, and will be framed in a frame I picked up for a couple bucks from Salvation Army and that will be painted with paint from the muni Haz Waste site)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are keeping busy. I like all of your projects. It is good to have that rooster glued down. It turned out beautifully. I like the idea of recycled art. Can't wait to see the finished paper art. You have way more patience than I have.

A Lady's Life said...

you have wonderful original ideas the rooster looks great!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Finally!! The Rooster is done! LOL. I like it. It turned out great. The Weeping Willow is going to be a fun piece too. Love the drawing also. Nice to make art out of recycled stuff and wonderful Art too. Will you be selling all this in that street fair?