Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sweetie is back from his moose-hunting excursion. He heard the moose out in the woods and through a series of calls was able to lure him in closer to the cabin. The moose came through the brush on the opposite side of the lake but he had to wait a few moments to make sure it was legal by counting the brow tines. Once he knew it was legal, he took the shot and dropped it. I think Tim would agree this was one of his easiest hunts ever. Usually he walks for miles and then has to haul it all back to the campsite. This is a medium sized moose so should be tender and delicious.Tim spent yesterday cutting up the bagged meat (rib and neck meat, tenderloin, backstrap, and heart) and then grinding all the loose meat into hamburger. When I got home from work we started the wrapping process which I didn't finish until 9:00 pm. I estimate about 75 packages packed last evening. And that's just the beginning. He still needs to bone out all four quarters and cut into steaks and roasts. We are hoping for another 30 pounds or so of scrap meat that I can take to a sausage company and have made into weiners, teriyaki sticks and sausage.
A woodpecker was hanging out at the cabin and pecking on the moose antlers.
Tim noticed this near-perfect round rock sticking out of our neighbors dirt pile. He dug it out and carried it to our cabin - he's calling it a Grizzly Egg.
Just the day after he shot the first bull, he called in another one that came up right into the yard. It wasn't legal plus he already had one so this one got a reprieve until next year.


Anonymous said...

what a great hunt! yummy is all I can say.

A Lady's Life said...

I guess these moose are not from Ontario lol
I am not a hunter. I guess you would have to take part in a kill to be able to do it and then to skin it and chop it......I'd be sitting bawling my eyes balls out for the poor guy. I am glad chicken are ready to eat otherwise I don't think I'd eat them either.
Eggs are fine though lol
It's nice to be able to get so much meat for winter from one animal.What happens with the antlers now? Are they good for carving?

marianne said...

This is the way it should be!
I felt a bit sorry for the moose but The pigs and cows here in Holland are to be pitied, they lead a terrible life before they go to the slaughter. The animals over at your place have a great life and your meat is fresh and without any animal cruelty.
Enjoy it dear♥

Lisa at Greenbow said...

If I had to package my own meat I wouldn't eat near as much. Ha.. It is a hard job if you ask me. I have helped with processing deer and pigs. Too much work for me. Those antlers are amazing.

tainterturtles said...

Nice job Tim. I can't even imagine what moose taste like. Nice pics Patty.

Lynn said...

I"m sorry, I have to say this made me sad. I know hunting for food to eat is supposed to be okay, and all that, but I just love seeing the moose in the wild and this one had such a beautiful rack.
Not a hunter...
So I hurried through to the end.

Mim said...

interesting post, very genuine. I've never tasted it like beef or deer? that's alot of meat for the winter.

Aunt Krissy said...

Good job Tim! I wish I was there to have moose steak and fried onions! I think that it's good that you and Tim have a full understanding of where your food comes from.

Kellie said...

What a nice guy to take pictures for the blog for you!

love the egg :)

kimmie said...

What an amazing story! We do not hunt, but I can see what a valuable skill that would be. You will have enough meat for many months to come! Amazing how God just gave that to you ... We should all be so aware of where our next meal comes from ... There would be a lot more thankfulness.

P.s. Thank you for your kind words on my latest post today ... Taking ordinary things and changing them up is what I strive to do :)

studio lolo said...

This was hard for me too, Patty, but this is the best way for the animal to live until it's needed for food. Free range. I was a vegetarian for 22 years and now I've gone bac to fish and poultry. Still, I know if I had to kill my own food I'd live on beans and rice.
Good catch Tim. I know this will feed your family for a long time!