Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gettin' Ready to go

Bought easy food for Sweetie to cook because he's kind of helpless in the kitchen. Check!
Stuck the recipes to the stove with magnets so he can figure it out easily. Check!
Bought cute outfits for girls. Check!
Bought several outfits for new baby grandson! Check!
Figure out what clothes to take. Check!

Still need to do:
I need to find a good book for reading on the airplane.
I also want to get a few toys/dolls or something for the girls. A grandma can't arrive and not have gifts in her suitcase. It just ain't fittin'! I will have to go shop some more on Mon or Tues.
Need to get batteries for the camera, I plan on taking tons of pictures.
Do laundry, and then actually fold it. I usually leave it in a pile until it's all wrinkly again.
Get hair trimmed.

Sweetie suspects he will lose weight while I'm gone....if only it were that easy for me. Seriously, he will not eat rather than figure out how to cook something. He would starve to death if some food didn't come in cans.

I feel like I'm running out of time. Only 3 days till I leave for Virginia.


marianne said...

Oh you must be so exited that you nearly can travel to see your new grandson!!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whoo hoooo, it won't be long. Sounds like you are just about ready. You're going to have a good time soaking up all that love. Sweetie will appreciate you even more when you return.

Kellie said...

Busy, busy! I love the excitement of getting ready for a trip :) Hope you have a wonderful time!

A Lady's Life said...

wow you are very busy lol

Lynn said...

Yes, grandma, come laden down with gifts for all grandchildren. I did go visit ONE time recently without anything and both kids (twins) asked me what I had for them and both let me know they were terribly disappointed. I mean when you do it every single time and once don' is NOTICED!!! I will make up for it next time believe me.
Do have a wonderful time. He won't starve, he'll just let you think he is so you know how much he NEEDS you!
boy does he have you trained. LOL
I have not forgotten your wish to see the knitted diaper bag. I'll post it soon.
Bon Voyage!!! Go have fun.

Marj said...

A book to read that I enjoyed is "Same Kind of Different As Me" by Ron Hall. Look it up at and read the reviews and opinions. Hope you haven't left yet...Have a safe and wonderful trip. Blessings,