Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Art journal - motorcycle

I added another page to my art journal. I drew my son's motorcycle while on my lunch break at work. I know I messed up on the angle of the motorcycle seat and back wheel, but for all intents and purposes, it looks like a motorcycle if I do say so myself.

My son, husband and I all work for the same department although I work in Administration and they both work outside handling the daily garbage. My husband operates a loader and pushes garbage into trucks that haul it to the landfill. My son is a general laborer and greases equipment, picks litter, assists with customers, cleans the public wall, etc. It is great to work with family...especially when you need some change for the soda machine. Or lunch money.
Roxy had four Magpies teasing her along the back fence yesterday. They were squacking and hopping back and forth and she was gullible enough to think she might catch one. Happy Animal Wednesay!


Teri C said...

Great job on that mc.
I can see where all being in the same place sure has it's advantages and yet you are not in the same room.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think you did a good job on the motorcycle. I think machines are difficult to draw. They are so precise. Poor Roxy. I hope she shows em one day.

Anonymous said...

our dog chases airplanes that fly over! oh.. and eagles.. hope one never gets too close!!

great job on the sketch.


Lynn said...

I saw the motocycle before I read your words and thought WOW YOU ARE GOOD! And then I looked and did not see what you saw that was off at all; not a smidge, and thought my original thought was still true!

Like your comments about your family situation at work too. Always carry loose change keeps a family together! I like that.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

For sure it looks like a motorcycle. Very good job. As for the magpie, it reminds me of that commercial for a Window cleaner.. Two magpies are sitting up on a wire teasing people to hit the window. Sounds like those magpies are just teases. :))

crochet lady said...

My son is now looking online for a motorcycle. I am cringing inside, trying to name off all the dangers to him, but also....a boy will be a boy I guess.

Margaret Ann said...

Great all your detail...Great way to spend a lunch break also...:)