Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Animal Wednesday

It's War of the Worlds around my house. Taz and Roxy LOVE playing together - it gets very noisy and chaotic as the new pup goes racing around the house, bouncing off walls, onto the furniture and into people. But it is fun to watch. We haven't had a dogfight in probably three weeks so both have adjusted to the way things are. I thought Taz was thoroughly potty trained because she went a full week with no accidents and then she peed on the carpet 3 times in one evening. Grrrrr. I think she was playing so hard she forgot to go outside....just like a little kid.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

They are the same color you can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins when rolling on the floor. :) Glad they are getting along well now.

Teri C said...

Talk about having fun! These two are the epitome of fun.


marianne said...

Good to see they get along so well now.
The accidents will become less and less.

Lynn said...

Glad my cat is an only cat. And he is potty trained too. But yours are cute, got to give them that!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Funny. Not the peeing but the play.

A Lady's Life said...

lol Well its good to have kids around lol
She must be a willing learner as well They are smart dogs.

Mim said...

So cute! But I think you are right about them forgetting to go out - just like little kids. I used to have to treat my pup just like a kid and even sometimes send him to his "room" (crate) to take a nap. He'd be all sad about going in and then would fall asleep right away

studio lolo said...

oops! Three times! Winter is the season for urinary tract infections. It's odd but true.

But maybe she did just forget!

They look great together :)

Aunt Krissy said...

That's good taht they are getting along so well. I bet Tim helps get them going too!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I'd love to house swap for a day. It's way too quiet in my house. I miss Max and still am undecided about another doggie.

Just me and God talking and laughing, but mostly me listening ;-)

Love ya!

crochet lady said...

Sounds like they have a lot of energy!