Friday, September 17, 2010


We went up to our cabin for a couple days. We had the most beautiful two days of sunshine and warm weather although it got down to freezing at night; there was frost on the ground one morning.
Mt. McKinley (Denali) from the road
Fall colors
Our cabin
Maryann can barely walk, her back legs are all wonky so Tim carried her in and out. I drove.

Tired little Roxy, she ran 9 miles the first day because she insisted on running the 3-mile trail back with Tim when he went to haul a load of stuff in.

Tim built a new stair railing to help me with going up and down. I'm kind of stiff in the mornings and take the stairs one at a time.

Kris - tomorrow I'll post some pictures of what our next door neighbor has done to his (your old) property.


Lynn said...

How fun to have a getaway place to land in such a lovely spot. Wonderful scenery I could almost smell the great outdoors!

SandyAlaska said...

I've had a difficult time learning to call Mt. McKinley, Denali... but I am getting better ... I still don't know why the name needed to be changed...

crochet lady said...

I wish I had a cute little cabin to get away to. Enjoy your time!

A Lady's Life said...

Man this is the life!!

My Nugget can't climb one step, so bringing him into the house and taking him out is a dragging affair lol
But his eyes are alert and his heart is there.
Pain getting old, for every one. lol
When he sees a car coming for him, he gets up and heads for it. He knows he's getting a ride. lol
Animals are not dumb.

Mim said...

when I first looked at that photo I thought it was clouds - glad you said it was a MOUNTAIN!!!! I love stories about the cabin - can you show more inside pictures?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This looks like Eden to me.