Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cabin neighbor, for Kris

This is the 5-acre lot right next to ours on the lake. It used to be owned by my sister, Kris, but she sold it. I wish, wish, wish we had bought it, but we had already bought the property our cabin is sitting on and were making payments there. One can't always have what one wants!
Here's from the corner of our/his lot looking north towards the beaver dam.
This is from his north corner looking back towards our can barely see the green roof of our cabin. (if you enlarge)
This is the road he put in from his property to the main goes over a corner of our land. On the left of the road you can see a faint trail, kind of, that's OUR trail. You can see the difference between our idea of rustic and his.
He actually drove this truck in, and that building behind it is going to be his shed. He's using it to stay in while he builds the main cabin.
He completely bulldozed out the bank of the lake here, it used to be the highest point on our side of the lake. Notice the antennae on the roof? He's got cable, and a microwave he runs off of batteries.
This is another new cabin, built on the other side of beaver dam, next to Stephl's property. We don't know this guy but found out he owns a construction company and hired his own staff to come out, haul in all his supplies and build his cabin. It went up very quickly.

My husband has talked with the guy on the property next to us. He really is a nice person, he just has a different idea of recreational lake property than we do. His wife won't come to the cabin with him if she has to rough it, so he's making it so his wife will want to come. I understand that. I just wish she were more like me instead of a princess.


Aunt Krissy said...

oh Patty, it almost makes me cry! It's so ugly! he sure didn't leave many trees between you two. But, I have to say, his trail is nice. I bet he wont get stuck on it. I wonder if he's going to plant some grass or something to cover all that dirt?

Lynn said...

Oh sweet to live on the water even if for just part of the time. I bet you spend many an hour enjoying yourself there.

A Lady's Life said...

well if they tear up the forest it will be just like any other place. Thats too bad they are doing this.

tainterturtles said...

Man oh man, why would you take out the beautiful trees? I feel bad just looking at that photo.

Mim said...

That's a shed?? Looks bigger than my house. He certainly needs something to cover that dirt and how in heavens name did he get cable? Each to his own I guess. Maybe the wife is actually nice but not resourceful about roughing it. I must admit...I'm a bit in that category!!

Kellie said...

What a nice day to be there. Even if it was to see how he has torn up the land.

Becky from Alaska said...

Oh, what I bald spot! I thought it was bad when he first began bulldozing his property, like two years ago:( Oh well, I guess it's his property.