Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work I go

I called in sick the last two days, except I went in for two hours on Monday. We had an Advisory Commission meeting which I am supposed to be the administrative support for and I knew our Director could not make it so figured I better. Other than that, I've spent two days watching bits of Oprah, Ellen, Wendy Williams, Tyra, Judge Pirro, Family Feud, Crossword, Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil. And probably some more but I can't remember right now. There is really nothing worthwhile on during the day - I think your brain could turn to mush if you watch daytime TV for any length of time. That's just my opinion.

So I'm off to take my mushy brain to work and see if I can make sense of invoices, payroll, etc. I dread it. My body aches and I have one co-worker who is a hypochondriac and asks everyone daily, "are you sick?" because she's deathly afraid of catching a office is right next to hers. I think that I will sneeze on purpose as soon as she asks me and then she'll stay away from me the rest of the day.

Top of the morning to you!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

A Lady's Life said...

I don;t like those shows because it makes me think people are stupid. lol
How can the world survive and people vote being so stupid?
Some shows hire people to act so you know its not real.So I go to Turners Classics and there at least I learn a few things. You learn a lot from old movies, things people forgot.
And you body hurts a little less.
I got that too.
Well hope you feel better. :)

Mim said...

I hope you feel better - don't sneeze too hard on that lady -sounds like she'll get you back

Teri C said...

Hope you will be back to normal soon. Maybe you could get rid of it by giving it to the lady that secretly wants it :)

Kellie said...

That's a good attitude! Love it!
Hope you are better soon.

Aunt Krissy said...

I like that plan for your co-worker. it's very under handed!

crochet lady said...

Too bad you didn't have some good movies to watch while you were sick.

It does feel good to be bad to work I bet.

tainterturtles said...

Somehow I just heard Krissy's voice in your post.....hummmmm, that little devilish-side must run in the family. Go easy on her!!!!!

janice said...

Daytime TV is terrible for the most part if you don't have cable. Hope you are feeling better. Love your attitude - you should cough a few times too!!